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DoE unveils array of scholarships for needy children - The Himalayan Times

Jun 7, 2012

BHAKTAPUR: The Department of Education (DoE) has offered scholarships under different headings to the students of the community-run schools across the country.

The Department has decided to provide monthly Rs. 1,000 each to the children of martyrs' families from pre-primary to higher secondary level, Rs. 1,500 for the lower secondary to secondary level and Rs. 2,000 for the higher secondary level education. According to Deputy Director of Gender Equity Development Division under the Department Dibya Dawadi, the scholarships offered to the children are equivalent to Rs. three million.

Similarly, 400 students pursuing their education residing the feeder hostels have been provided Rs. 2,500 monthly for ten months, she said. Likewise, the Department has provided Rs. 2,500 monthly each to 457 students of the lower and secondary level from the backward communities in the remote Himalayan region for ten months. Similarly, four students from the conflict victims' families have been offered the Conflict Victim Fellowship Award. Rs 10,000 annually has been presented to the primary level, Rs. 12,000 for the lower secondary level and Rs 14,000 for the secondary level and Rs. 16,000 for the proficiency certificate or the higher secondary level education.

 Likewise, 904 students from grade one to 10 belonging to the endangered tribes, indigenous and nationalities communities have been provided with the scholarship worth over Rs. 57.6 million. Besides, 609 freed Kamhalaris in Bardiya, Dang, Surkhet, Kailali and Kanchanpur have been provided with Rs. 12 million under the heading of skill enhancement and scholarship.

The Department targeting the secondary level students from the poor community, has offered scholarship worth Rs. 37.75 million to 15,500 students of 15 districts. Similarly, 140 students from grade six to ten in the Himalayan region have been provided Rs 4.2 million at the rate of Rs. 25,000 per head annually for hostel services, said the Department.

Likewise, the Department said some 77,387 students from grade one to eight with physical disabilities have been provided scholarships worth Rs. 14. 2 million and 6,838 students from grade one to ten have received scholarship of Rs. 6.8 million. Likewise, 222 model schools across the country have been provided Rs. 7.2 million for scholarships, it is learnt.

 Source : The Himalayan Times