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New, exciting products on display - Ekantipur

Jan 6, 2012


ICT Info Trade Fair and Branding Expo 2012 has come up with a number of new and exiting products for those who want to stay updated with technology.
“ICT Info Trade Fair has always offered something new. Continuing the trend, this installment also features a wide range of fresh and innovative devices,” said Sagar Dev Lakhe, president of the Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Association of Nepal.
According to Lakhe, domestic customers are generally unaware about the latest ICT products in the market due to several reasons; therefore, they plan to introduce them with new arrivals through this exposition In today’s edition of Bazaar, The Kathmandu Post features a selected range of ICT products you may want to check out at the exposition in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.

Source : Ekantipur