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26 injured in Bhaktapur clash

Aug 13, 2011


At least 16 persons were injured when a dispute of local residents and the Asma Garment administration turned into clash at Bode of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality in Bhaktapur on Saturday.
The clash was started right after the local residents of Bode, who have been giving pressure to close the garment industry saying it disturb the peace at the local settlement around the garment area, suddenly attacked the workers in the garment.
Both groups --- the garment workers and local residents --- pelted stones around an hour at midnight on Friday where total 16 persons were injured.
In the clash 15 workers and a local resident were injured and the injured workers are undergoing treatment in Korea-Nepal Friendship Hospital, Bhaktapur, according to Thimi based Metropolitan Police Circle.
Nepal Armed Police and Nepal Police took the Bode area under their control following the clash until late afternoon.
Police rescued 20 workers captured by local people after an hour and took them to local police office for their security.
Meanwhile, the local residents said they defended the garment workers attacked the local residents by pelting stones taking the Thursday's dispute while the local people were walking on the road. RSS
Source: Ekantipur