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Locals demand severe action against rapist, murderer - ekantipur

Aug 7, 2012

LALITPUR, AUG 07 - Locals took to the streets demanding severe action against an accused who was arrested for his involvement in a gang rape and murder of a local woman at Lele of Latitpur district on Tuesday.

Binod Kunwar, 21, was arrested for his alleged involvement in the rape and murder of Sanu Maya Kunwar, 45. The Lele area remained tense throughout the day as the locals picketed the police station demanding stern punishment against the accused criminal.

 Sanu Maya Kunwar, a local of Lele, was found hanged in her own house. Later on, it was found that she was raped as well. Binod Kunwar was arrested on Monday. However, the locals picketed the police station accusing the police of neglecting the severity of the case. They claimed that the police is not very keen on punishing the accused.

Source : ekantipur